You Never Know by Melinda Harris

Autographed by Melinda!

Over the past eight years, twenty-six year old Sam Harper has come to realize a few things: her son is the light of her life, a pint of Cherry Garcia will cure all that ails you, her mother is a biscuit-and-gravy-filled genius and nothing, absolutely nothing, ever goes as planned.

Still stuck in her tiny hometown of Delia, Georgia, Sam has sat idly by and watched as her life went from prom-queen and head cheerleader to single mom with meaningless desk job. So when Hollywood bad-boy, Ethan Grant, shows up to film his new television show the very same actor whose posters wall-papered Sam teenage bedroom Sam welcomes back her excited inner-fangirl with open arms. And when a chance encounter with Ethan confirms what Sam always knew that behind Ethan green eyes and smoldering good looks is a perfect gentleman with the kindest of hearts Sam finds herself in a romance worthy of "Cinderella" status.

But soon enough, reality seeps back in as the relentless gossip columns and Ethan busy schedule lead Sam back to a life she come to know well one full of nothing but broken promises and disappointment. Sam begins questioning whether Ethan has what it takes to help lead her back to the confident and vivacious woman she used to be, or if Sam will have to do the unthinkable and actually figure life out on her own.

Note: The Fangirl Series is a stand-alone series. You do not have to read "You Never Know" prior to reading the other books in the series, but there is character crossover.

Photo taken by the lovely: @books_pastelitos

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