You And Me, #2 by Lisa Shelby

Autographed by Lisa!

You & Me I didn’t believe in love at first sight...until her.Emily was unlike any other woman I’d ever known. She was perfect. We could be perfect.If I wasn’t leaving for another tour and she wasn’t keeping secrets.All she was willing to give me was a few days...but after a few minutes, I knew it would never be enough.I wanted her forever.We had one perfect week. Then she walked away, and I shipped out.Five years is a long time to wait for a second chance. I imagined seeing her again about a million times. I just never expected to be drunk in a crowded bar when she walked back into my life.Both of us have changed, but she’s still keeping secrets, and I’m battling demons of my own. All this time, she’s had the pieces of my broken heart, but this time I’m not letting her walk away without a fight.

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Photo taken by the lovely:@thecurvysavante

400 Pages

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