Written in the Sand by Gretchen Tubbs

Autographed by Gretchen!

“I'm not a distraction anymore, am I?” “You were never a distraction, Claudia.” Claudia Petrillo doesn't do love. She stopped believing in love four years ago when it destroyed her entire family and ruined her life. That doesn't mean she's not up for a little fun, though. Fun in the form of Easton Winters, her boss's brother. Some flirting, texting, and late night phone calls won't hurt anything, not when she's in California and he's on the other side of the country. It's all perfectly harmless. Perfectly harmless until a family tragedy throws them together, and Claudia is forced to face her unwanted feelings for Easton. Tensions run high, relationships are wrecked, and Claudia will have to make a choice, even if it means sacrificing the one person who might have the power to heal her. Will Claudia choose her past, or her potential future?

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220 Pages - New Adult Romance

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