Without Truth, #3 by Victoria James & LJ Stock

Autographed by Victoria!

Determined to be a better man, Drew Tucker is trying to turn over a new leaf as the president of his MC. With Ayda by his side, and the enemy he once feared now gone, he can finally see a glimmer of hope on the horizon for their future together. With Ayda more adamant than ever to save her man from any more pain, she’s seeking guidance from unlikely allies, keeping a secret of her own to gain strength to protect the unexpected family she’s come to love. But secrets never stay secrets for long in Babylon, and when the shadows begin to step out into the light, Drew and Ayda are faced with a hundred new challenges neither one of them could have predicted. Lies are no longer an option. Not for Drew, Ayda, or any of The Hounds of Babylon MC. No matter what happens when the truth is finally set free.

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482 Pages - Romantic Suspense

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