Without Fear of Being Caught, #1 by J J Bannister

Autographed by JJ Bannister!

Depend on a man? It was NOT happening. Katalena Smith didn’t hold much value in the opposite sex sticking around. She’d learned at a young age not to depend on men being there when you needed them, her father being the first example by disappearing when she was sixteen. As she got older, Kat thought she had met “Mr. Right” only for him to confirm that men in general…were pigs. Men could keep their black hearts for all she cared. Kat would stick to stealing more profitable items, like information and pretty shiny things! Running was far easier than being caught.

Falling for a mysterious girl he tackled in his back yard was not Mateo Castillo’s ideal circumstances for starting a lasting relationship. Especially, when she looked suspiciously like a thief, and had the mouth of a sailor. Yet, from the minute she head-butted him, managing to slip through his hands, he couldn’t get her out of his thoughts.

When Mateo finally finds out who she really is, will it matter? Would his butterfly be able to let go of her hang-ups and past insecurities so he could prove to her the “right” man would never walk away? Can he break through the walls she built so high and strong around her heart enough to show her how to love without fear of being caught?

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308 Pages

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