Winter's Child, #2 by SL Jesberger

Autographed by SL Jesberger!

(This book is recommended for 18+)

An Epic Love in the Land of Àlainnshire...

When her lands and her people are given to mercenary Rafael Samuelson for "services rendered" to Boru, the King of Morrigan, Cara Tanner has two choices: she can resist him, or she can find a way to work with him.

But Rafe Samuelson is a warrior, not a farmer. Already resenting being forced to take ownership of lands he doesn't want, he arrives at Sweetwood angry and spoiling for a fight. Cara and Rafe quickly collide in an uncompromising battle of wills. It doesn't take long for Rafe to realize that he's met his match in the fiery, amber-eyed Cara.

Their audience with King Boru reveals a shocking secret and rekindles long-held vendettas, but it's Cara's resemblance to another woman that will soon put them both in the greatest danger.

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280 Pages - Romantic Fantasy Adventure

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