Wicked Magic, #2 by Megan Montero

Autographed by Megan!

They all fear my power…they should.Finding out I’m a witch was a shock. But now that I’m in the world of Evermore I’ll do anything to protect it even if that means dying…The evil King Alataris has stolen my mother, my life, and now he’s taken something that could unleash hell on earth. With a powerful Ice Dragon under his every command there is no telling where he will strike next. The Witch Queens have been tasked with saving Evermore. The only problem? The others fear the wild, powerful nature of my magic and sometimes so do I! The only one who can help me contain it is my protective Knight, Tucker Brand. But even he has his own set of secrets. My feelings for him are overwhelming and strictly forbidden, if we give into the fire we share for even a moment we will lose everything. When it comes time to take back what Alataris has stolen we set out on our most perilous mission yet. To save the Dragon and Evermore before it’s too late. If we fail, the world as we know it will come to an end…and all will be lost for Evermore.

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324 Pages - YA Paranormal Fantasy

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