Whiskey & Wine by H Dillon Smith

Autographed by H Dillon Smith!

I have an addiction to things that tear me apart. Love that bruises me. Music that possesses me. All addicts have to get clean to survive, so I'm clawing my way back from rock bottom, cutting out the music and toxic love that are so closely intertwined. But in Nashville it hard to escape the music that runs in my veins, and the demons from my past that hunt me down. I can no longer distinguish between love or addiction...what gives me life, or what kills me. And Dean Thomas is either one or the other.

Nothing matters but music. It is my one single life line, I cling to it desperately. Music is the only thing that takes me to a place of peace, where the agony of my past can't touch me. I wish there was more, but the ghost I've been chasing for years doesn't exist. She nothing more than a myth. Or so I thought...Because the second I lay eyes on Ellie Ray Vaughn, I know I've seen the ghost I've been trying to find all along.

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