When You Know by KL Cottrell

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(This book is recommended for 18+)

Many would call being able to see the future a ‘gift,’ but twenty-six-year-old Hallie Lark calls it a useless, bewildering bother. She does in her own head, at least, because no one else knows about her ability. Not only is she an introvert and part of a cold family, but her glimpses of the future are as impossible to prove as they are to prevent. They’re a bother, indeed, always leaving her feeling ineffectual—she doesn’t know why they plague her, and she wishes they wouldn’t. Until a truly staggering one sparks up out of nowhere, straight through the blue-gray dullness she’s been stuck in for so long. Somewhere in another state, Keaton Iorio is living his own version of life with his son, ordinary and happy. He’s certain he has all that he needs, from a wonderful family and a good best friend to a reliable job and solid health. Although finally meeting his match would be cool, being a single dad is fine by him; he’s blessed as it is, and he knows it. What he doesn’t know is that change was set in motion on the night of a certain young woman’s most beautiful and most confusing vision to date—a young woman who’s on the brink of discovering how great a gift her clairvoyance truly is. The collision of these two worlds will, with a brilliant crash, alter what Hallie and Keaton know of love, of themselves, of family, of possibility…and of a not-so-little thing called fate.

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535 Pages - New Romance / Paranormal

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