When Rains Fall, #1 by Cassidy Taylor

Autographed by Cassidy!

Two girls, two kingdoms, one destiny... Sibba Hallowtide has never felt like a Fielding…but fierce loyalty to her mother has always kept her close to home. When tragedy strikes, Sibba suddenly has a chance to leave the Fields in search of independence. But unless she can rescue her brother and return him to his rightful place as chief, the duty of clan leadership will fall onto her shoulders. Rayne Crowheart is not just any rebel... but the daughter of the Casuin emperor and a trained assassin. She returns home on a mission to kill the crown princess—her own sister—and hand the country over to the rebels. That is, until she makes an unexpected ally who gives her hope there might be another way. A land rife with turmoil, rich in magic and revenge… Sibba wants nothing more than to be free, but her journey to save her brother reveals that instead, her destiny may lie in a land across the sea where a new queen is about to take the throne. When rains fall and tides rise, you must decide on which shore you stand.

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 326 Pages - YA Fantasy

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