Waves & Secrets, #4 by B Kristin McMichael

Autographed by Kristin!

Welcome to the Merworld. Hidden from normal humans is an ocean filled with mer people. While they all have the same goal—to stay hidden from the hunters that kill them without question—that doesn't mean the clans all get along. A thinly veiled peace agreement hides the growing dissent of the clans. Leo and his best friend, Sam, want out of the Merworld and are willing to cut ties with everyone they know to do so. Unfortunately, Sam's father, the Merworld king, isn't about to let that happen and is ready to punish Leo for thinking of leaving the Merworld. With the punishment happening to be death, Leo and Sam are more than willing to go on a dangerous adventure into a lower merclan's home to look for evidence of disobedience. Their one goal is to find something to keep themselves safe, but Leo happens to find something he never knew he was missing in the first place, and something that might make him want to stay in the Merworld after all.

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160 Pages - YA Paranormal Fantsy

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