Veiled Enchantment, #2 by Jodi Vaughn - Unsigned

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Celeste Nordstrom has walked through hell and lived to tell about it.
1. Slaughtered by a demon. Check.
2. Resurrected from the dead. Check.
3. Killed the evil Fae Queen. Check.

She expected her life would return to normal. Wrong. Now her baby is a demon and no one will believe her. Not even her own husband.

Risking her husbands wrath, Celeste flees to Ireland to meet up with Donovan—the one man who will do anything for her. Even help her get back into the Unseelie Court.

Where she could die. Again.
But if that’s what it takes to save her son’s soul, she’s more than willing to pay the price.

286 Pages - Fantasy Romance

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