Upon This Pale Hill by Patrick Ashe

Autographed by Patrick!

A brooding young professional seeking to do good in the world must first face the world's demons . . . and his own. He will face them all UPON THIS PALE HILL. Brandon is an upcoming 2011 college graduate whose insecure idealism masks a horrible subconscious secret. While his body and mind reel from this elusive evil, he finds solace in the antics of his wild yet wise friend Germy and companionships with his old flame Marianne, kindred soul Janelle, and unreal Aisling. Resolute to not give in to his suburban angst, Brandon seeks to "do good" with a career in social service. On this ideological journey, he explores differing sociopolitical viewpoints, each with believers and deceivers. But when his career turns unexpectedly successful, Brandon's goodwill begins to corrupt. Inner demons threaten himself and his true friends. This culminates in a confrontation with a lucid nightmare adversary who forces Brandon to face the horrors of his past . . . and decide how good he truly is.

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309 Pages - Not Romance / Coming of Age

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