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Unsound by Toby Neal

Autographed by Toby!

I never realized how much I wanted to live until the choice was no longer mine.

I’ve spent my entire life unraveling mysteries of the human mind as a police psychologist, but somehow, I’ve ended up here: drunk, mostly naked, and locked out of my own house in the rain.
I think I might be an alcoholic.

I refuse to enter rehab like my station chief wants. I’ll do it my way, by hiking Haleakala on Maui and kicking the booze on my own in the crater.
Only, I’m not alone.

There’s an unusual man on the doorstep of my cabin, and he wants his own brand of therapy. With me.
Alcohol is no longer my biggest problem.
Now I have to survive long enough to escape.

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202 Pages - Not Romance / Mystery / Psychological Thriller

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