Uncovering His Secret, #5 by Crystal Perkins

Autographed by Crystal!

She's heading back to her past to save her first love… Eleven years ago, Tegan Kelly escaped a fate worse than death with the help of a secret society of women. In order to save the only man she's ever loved, she'll have to face her old demons, and all of the names she never wants to be called again. He can't forget the girl who betrayed him and then left… Caleb Hall has never recovered from the cracks Tegan Kelly left in his heart when they were both sixteen. He shunned her then, and wants to hate her now when he finds out just how much she kept from him. But old love is strong, and he realizes that maybe there's more to their original story than he's let himself believe. First love is turning into forever love, but the SECRET Tegan kept from Caleb isn't the only one they're hiding. Can they move on from the past, or will uncovering it all cause them heartbreak once again?

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218 Pages - Romantic Suspense

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