Tyson Towers by Jennifer Marie

Autographed by Jennifer!

Samantha newly graduated and ready to conquer the world. Growing up in a very small town wanting out and ready for whatever comes her way. Until she meets the gorgeous Mr. Tyson. Being a strong headed women always getting what she wants...until. Mr.Tyson, owner of Tyson Towers is a sexy ferocious bachelor and he always gets what he wants. When the two collide is it an explosion of lust and ecstasy or of war? Samantha has many challenges to face and Mr.Tyson being her biggest. But Mr.Tyson has more up his sleeve. He likes Samantha or is it he likes what she hides in her drawer. Does Samantha get her dream job? Or does she end up with her dream man? Before any of her dreams come true Samantha gets hit hard by life's difficulties. With Mr.Tyson by her side, the become closer but is it enough for love?

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268 Pages - Romantic Erotica

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