Two Spoons of Bitter by Sonja S Mongar

Autographed by Sonja!

Ella Donovan can’t wait to see her hapless past and her bleak Midwest hometown in her rearview mirror. She arrives in a charming Southern city of colorful bridges and gleaming beaches for her dream job working with teen addicts. But not all is as it seems in a place where the Confederate flag still flies over the downtown courthouse. Nearly unhinged by a boss who wants her to fail, Southern gentleman who aren’t so gentlemanly, and a corrupt, racist and homophobic social service system beset by an escalating global pandemic, Ella struggles to find her footing. Just when she thinks she’s mastered it all, a fateful phone call unleashes a Pandora’s box of devastating family secrets – driving her into the arms of a forbidden romantic liaison. If not for fierce Jo Gaetano, her wise-cracking coworker and new best friend, Ella just might break under pressure. Will Ella be able to redeem the past and find hope and renewal amongst the wreckage of her losses and unfortunate choices? Based on true events. 

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340 Pages - New Adult Romance 

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