Transpire by Monica Cole

Autographed by Monica!

Everyone has a past. Some run from it. Others embrace it. Me? I haven't done either. My past. It cut me open. A wound I've carried around for the last two years. One I'm afraid will never completely close. When I receive a phone call from my brother asking me to come home for the summer, I find myself dancing hand in hand with the ghosts that haunt me. A reminder of why I left. Of what hurt me. Of him. The main reason the past remains festered on my heart. The reason I can't move on. I knew I'd have to face my past eventually. But I wasn't expecting this. All I know is that wounds only last so long. It's just a matter of time before I find out if they'll kill me. Or if I'm strong enough to let them scar.

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540 Pages - New Adult Romance


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