Token Vampire, #2 by Kia Carrington-Russell

Autographed by Kia!

The world of order within the Hunter’s Guild has turned into chaos. Esmore, Token Huntress, has been outcast and targeted. Now hiding within Cesar’s coven, she must fight the new urges that consume her. Blood, lust, vengeance, protection- all of these heightened with her new profound vampirism.With only few allies and her familiar, Chase- they learn that the rules that guided them once, have no purpose in this world. Esmore must find trust within her four brothers, who all have very different purposes within the coven.Alongside one of the four brothers, Yolo, Esmore infiltrates the Human Compound; a facility which protects humans and experiments on vampires, and discovers the true reason of Whitney’s death.Chase is the only one who can usher away the darkness that swells within her. With the taste of blood and the beast that lies deep within, Esmore is soon to learn what she is and who she has become

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216 Pages - Paranormal Romance

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