Time Keeper, #1 by Robert Starnes - BOOK BONANZA PICKUP ONLY

Autographed by Robert!

History is changing and not in a good way for Junior, because if his visions are true, he will no longer exist in his own timeline. His only hope is to go back in time and find his mother's childhood friend, Ian. Ian is the only person who can stop history from changing and put things right.

Little to Junior's knowledge of just how hard his journey will be with the changes in history now have complicated for Ian. Ian's best friend, Kayla, seems to have been wiped from history, and he must do whatever he can to get Kayla back safely without changing anything else in history.

Ian must also find out who and why history is being changed in the first place. Now ask yourself, how far would you go to change history to save a friend, even if it means changing your own future?

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