Tied Up in Heartstrings by F. Lynn

Autographed by Felicia!

I thought my life would forever be defined by tragedy. The happily ever after I thought I had, ended prematurely and painfully. My daughter and I were stuck in a fog of self-preservation, afraid to believe that there wasn't more pain waiting for us in the €˜real world'. Just the thought of allowing myself to embrace happiness and take a risk in order to feel that all-consuming love again is terrifying. And I'm not sure I would be able to survive if it all went away again. But €¦ what choice do I have when I'm tied up in these heartstrings? I could cut the ties and run. Or I could take a chance on someone that my heart once yearned for and hope that he knows how to untangle the fear that holds my heart hostage.

Photo taken by the lovely:  @booklitlove

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