Throttle A Novella by Drew Elyse

Autographed by Drew!

Once a Disciple, forever a Disciple.Candy didn’t build a life for herself by being stupid,regardless what people might think of her being a stripper.And no matter what her body wants, what her heart wants,she knows that falling for a fighter is as stupid as it gets.A Disciple will fight like a savage, but that isn’t always the way.If Hook’s life has taught him one thing: to fight for what he wants.He’s fought in the ring, to earn his patch, to protect his family.And he would fight for Candy, if she’d just give him a chanceto show her that what’s between them could be everything.When the attraction is at full throttle, this biker knows there’s no giving up.THROTTLE is a novella in the Savage Disciples MC series (book 6.5) that occurs concurrently with CRUISE (Savage Disciples MC #6)

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