Threads of Hope, #5 by Christa Allan

Autographed by Christa!

How do you make the choice between what you want and what you need? Passed over for promotion and dumped by her boyfriend, journalist Nina O’Malley is frustrated with the “soft” stories her editor assigns. Her latest assignment? To cover a gala benefit supporting the AIDS Memorial. More determined than ever to prove she deserves a promotion to the New York office, Nina decides to write a series featuring a local quilting group that is raising money for AIDS research. Reluctantly attending the benefit, Nina unexpectedly runs into her high school nemesis, Greg. Doubting he has changed, Nina is surprised to learn the widowed Greg became involved with the quilting group when he adopted Jazarah, an HIV-positive girl from Ethiopia. Weaving together the stories of the quilt families, Nina learns more about Greg’s faith in a loving God—and begins to question her own lack of belief. Is her drive for success blinding Nina from a different path, a better life? And dare she hope . . . for more?

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240 Pages

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