This Time, #1 by M.M.Clem

Autographed by MM Clem!

Jessie is a sweet, independent, single woman but she's never forgotten the one who got away, nearly 15 years ago. She spent years trying to get over him. He may have abandoned her long ago, but he never quite left her heart. It's been nearly 15 years since Jake left behind his dysfunctional family, the only home he ever knew, and the only person who ever made him feel his worth. He was trying to save himself and, more importantly, His Jessica. A night out with her bestie is just what Jessie needs, until she sees him. Now her whole world is turned upside down once again. He's back in town for his only sister's wedding, and maybe, he's hoping for one last shot with the one girl who made a mark on his heart.

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216 Pages - New Adult Romance

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