The White House Gets a Spanking, #1 by Elizabeth Safleur

Autographed by Elizabeth!

Stella Martin finds her perfect submissive man in the most unlikely place—The White House.Golden Flogger Award Winner for Best Female Dominant/Male Submissive Book of 2018Stella Martin never wanted the White House beat, until a friend’s request to watch over her latest submissive plaything while she’s out of town turns out to be the White House Communication Director, Laird Harkness—a man known for his boldness. How odd. How interesting. How delicious. Laird hadn’t expected his perfect Femme Domme would show up in his office—the most famous house in the world and a place where his secret desires could end his career. But something about Stella intrigues him, and she may be the first woman who can sate his craving to submit, serve and belong to someone.Stand-alone with no cliffhanger.

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166 Pages - Erotic Suspence

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