The Wellspring Saga: Age of Blades, #1 by Aaron Rhett Ridgely

Autographed by Aaron!
(This book is recommended for 16+)
The fantastical continent of Usar’us is about to come under siege from power hungry Royals.
Meet the heroes who will rise up in the face of insurmountable odds.
J’onn, a Demi-Spirit capable of accessing the Wellspring, the source of all magic.
Hana’vayne, a half-Beastkin Magesmith.
Moira’nyev, Hana’s mother and master enchantress.
Hen’ri, an old Allancearan Blademaster and former soldier.
Baellwyn, a gender nonbinary Gatekeeper from a strange land called the Speechless Nation.
Join them as they evade the ruthless Knight Commander T’vorus across the nation of Allancear. Will they be trapped in the slave city, Magulim? Will the Great Wizard come to their aid? And what of the Daemon, Aboralius? Are his machinations designed to help or hurt our intrepid heroes? Uncover the answers to these questions, and, perhaps, discover a little about yourself along the way in The Wellspring Saga: Age of Blades. Let’s all go on an adventure!

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301 Pages - YA Epic Fantasy

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