The Vampire's Fall by Michele Hauf (Mass Market)

Autographed by Michele!

One kiss could cost him everything! 

When Blade Saint-Pierre encounters a beautiful stranger who's lost her memory wandering near Tangle Lake, he has no choice but to defend her from demon attackers. But who, or what, is she? And why, despite her alluring vulnerability, are Blade's vampire instincts on high alert?

To Zenia's knowledge, she's never had any interactions with angels or demonsat least not since a bus accident erased her memory and changed everything. As Zen and Blade's craving for each other deepens, they must contend with a jealous adversary who wants to claim Zen as his queen. And then she learns that by reclaiming her magical identity, Zen could very well lose the only thing that feels real to her now.

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188 pages

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