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The Unseen, #1 by Piper Sheldon

Autographed by Piper!

Maggie May is naked.
It could be worse. It’s the price for turning invisible, a skill set that comes in particularly handy as an investigative journalist. For years, Maggie has only wanted one thing: to bring down the scum running Hollywood. She’s finally about to break her story when superstar, James Roe sees her when no one else can. Really sees her. In all her glory. Suddenly, one man has the power to ruin everything.

James Roe is famous.
For now.
But that could all disappear. Being James Roe, heartthrob celebrity does not come easy but he keeps it up to help the family back home. With their security at risk he will do whatever it takes to protect them, even if it means getting closer to the mysterious naked woman following him. Her special talents have ways of getting the information needed to keep everyone he loves safe.

Everybody deserves to be seen.
Maggie and Roe must work together, putting pride and distrust aside, to fight for what’s most important. As feelings grow, they start to see what wasn’t there before.

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352 Pages - Paranormal Romance


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