The Ultimate Decision, #1 by Cheri Lewis

Autographed by Cheri!

Millie Claire Stephens is a spirited, strong-willed and resilient thirty-six year old woman who is deeply in love with her husband of fifteen years and completely devoted to her four young children. Life is pretty close to perfect, but in spite of everything, she has had one wish her whole life. She longs to possess the super power of disappearing so she can escape uncomfortable situations. It sure would come in handy since Millie seems to have the unique ability to attract them wherever she goes. Yet somehow, she always finds a way to bounce back and face life head-on. Life altering decisions may change her life forever, but will what she learns prepare her for the ultimate decision?

Millie's "perfect" life changes in the blink of an eye, and it is only in the arms of her family and friends that she will be able to find… What is she looking for? Heck, she has no clue. In the small, remote town of Pollysdale, Alabama, where Millie grew up visiting, she is surrounded by her Aunt Clara, whose love and encouragement knows no bounds, and cousin Chunk, whose childlike manner can touch even the deepest hurt. Her feisty and sassy best friend, Trixie, is ever ready to support Millie with a good laugh and outgoing flair. Life's not always easy; sometimes troubles bring hidden blessings you could never have imagined. Is it possible to find "perfect" twice in a lifetime?

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392 Pages

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