The Taste of Love, #1 by Heather Daniels

Autographed by Heather!

Twenty-five year old Alyssa Moretti dreams of finding her forever love. But, as a single mother and business owner, she doesn't have time for casual relationships.

Thirty-four year old Ian Rhodes is a very successful entrepreneur and a definite ladies man. He has no intention of settling down any time soon.

That is, until Ian meets Alyssa.

Ian cannot deny his instant attraction to Alyssa, but she immediately identifies him as a player and isn't interested in becoming his next conquest.

Meanwhile, Brooke Miller, Ian's most recent scorned lover, isn't going without a fight. She'll seemingly stop at nothing to get Ian back into her life, and her bed, where she feels he belongs.

Can Ian change his ways and become the man Alyssa needs and will they find a happily ever after together despite Brooke's meddling?

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246 Pages - Contemporary Romance

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