The Skin Stalker by D Jones

Autographed by Davee!

Joelle unknowingly unlocked a portal to a demon- The Skin Stalker- who wants to vanquish her humanity and create a new demon hybrid with her using her former lover, Colin. Although she tried to forget him, Colin continued to break her heart from a distance, making her vulnerable. The Skin Stalker began brutally murdering Colin's "girlfriends", setting him up as the prime suspect-but does Joelle really care if Colin rotted away in jail? Using a softball equipment bag and public dumping grounds, The Skin Stalker morbidly disposed of his victims, celebrating the notoriety, and his ability to stump the police. A unique blue "tattoo" behind Joelle's ear carries the key to her connection to the paranormal realm. Can an average woman actually conquer a demon? Set around the backdrop of the beautiful Rocky Mountains and Denver, Colorado, Blue Ink takes you inside the mind of a demon and the woman who must stop him.

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210 Pages - Not Romance / Fantasy

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