The Silent Series, #1 by NE Henderson

Autographed by NE Henderson!

She thought silence was her best option—until the past threatened to ruin her future. I was doing fine. Great. My past not even a blimp on my radar. Then they betrayed me. That's when I met him. The beginning of the chord to my ugly past unraveling. I can't let that happen. No one is ever supposed to know… He'd let his past go, forgotten his guilt—until he thought his sins would break them apart. She wasn't in my cards. No woman, long-term, was. Happy, all-consuming love didn't exist in my house growing up. And I'll never take a chance only to end up being just like him. But then I laid eyes on her and all that went out the window. When an opportunity presented itself I made her mine, but in doing so, I caused her unthinkable pain and I set in motion things I'd never imagine I had been a part of… Both have secrets they don't want the other to know. Both are ashamed of their past for different reasons. If they could just let go...

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240 Pages - Contemporary Romantic Suspense 

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