The Sea of Zemira by D.L. Blade

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**This book is recommended for 18+**

In the heart of the land of Zemira lives a king—a wicked king who despises magic.

For the past twenty years, Nola has watched the king destroy everything she holds dear, and the only magic left in their kingdom is bound to the enchanted crystal of his crown. She’s tired of watching him use his power to charm and coerce all those who oppose him.

But her only hope lies across the Portland Sea, in the heart of the Fae and Elven Kingdom. There’s just one minor problem: Nola is a siren who’s never used her tail. Her adoptive father rescued her as a child and all she’s ever known is the land beneath her feet.

A chance encounter with Captain Lincoln, an arrogant yet handsome pirate, leaves her fearful that she’ll never make it to the Fae land alive after she’s found below deck. The captain surprises her when he agrees to take her to the Fae queen on one condition. She is to be his prisoner until they reach land.

Amidst massive waves, sea monsters, and dragons, arises a bond no one ever expected—the love between a siren and her pirate.

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459 Pages - Dark Fantasy Romance / Pirate Romance

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