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The Prairie Fire Within by CD Melley

Autographed by CD Melley!

Amanda Bellamy knew what she wanted out of life. Fate changed her idea of what was important in it. Amanda is a budding advertising executive with a promising career in a bustling metropolis. When her uncle passes away, she inherits the family business: a corn farm on the Prairies. Amanda returns to the place of her youth, where her jealous cousin, who has her own plans for the property, confronts her. However, Amanda has the support of her new employees. Among them is a journeyman from Alberta. At first, Amanda buys into the concept of ‘love at first sight’, but finds there’s more to a man than his looks. However, Amanda is worried about being sued for sexual harassment if her feelings towards her employee are not mutual. She will need to learn how to manage not only the day-to-day operations of her inheritance, but the ethical dilemma of falling in love with someone who works for her. In THE PRAIRIE FIRE WITHIN, Amanda Bellamy must ward off her cousin’s legal challenge. She will attempt to maintain the family business. She will experience the scorn of her employees when she reveals her feelings towards their co-worker. In the end, Amanda will learn that what she perceived may have blinded her to what is.

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234 Pages - Romantic Suspense


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