The Lunam Ceremony, #1 by Nicole Loufas

Autographed by Nicole!

Like most eighteen-year-old girls, Kalysia has dreams of going to college and falling in love. Born to a family of pureblood shifters; she must set aside her dreams for the good of the pack. Something this strong-willed free spirit is finding difficult to accept.
After an ancient ritual matches her with the strongest alpha in her pack, she takes her place as leader. Determined to create a society that doesn't judge you on your DNA, Kalsyia challenges tradition at every turn, even if it means losing her power and place in the pack.
When her best friend appears on her doorstep, she is thrilled to have an ally. Soon she discovers that her friend and her soulmate harbor a secret. An offer has been made that will give Kalysia a chance to live the life she always wanted.
One night of selfishness, leads to an act of betrayal, that uncovers a dirty secret hidden by the pack elders, and threatens to destroy them all.

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308 Pages - Paranormal Urban Fantasy

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