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The Lock3t by Brittany Bessonett

Autographed by Brittany!

A tainted past. A hopeful future. An unexpected twist of fate.

Katie Upton has spent nine years running from a town that terrorizes her every thought. Suffering from PTSD and unable to escape the memory of her past, she never stays in one place long. That is, until fate lands her in Victoria, Texas. With a newly forged friendship and a job that she loves, Katie finally feels like life is settling down. But when an unknown visitor stops by her work, it ignites a fear that her past has come back to haunt her. Katie begins to question everything, including her own sanity, and when her missing locket shows up in an unexpected place, she knows ... there's no one left to trust.

The Locket is a gripping thriller that dives into the meat of PTSD and the daunting journey to recovery. It will leave you questioning the purpose of everyone that's ever crossed your path. Just know, when fate has a plan, it will find a way.

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242 Pages - Not Romance / Suspense Thriller

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