The Kiss Off by Tracy Broemmer

Autographed by Tracy!

Finlay Cole spends her days surrounded by men. She works the parts counter at a local car dealership, so she considers herself pretty well-versed in things like tires, Nascar, MLB, and NFL. Is it any wonder Finlay’s desperate to hang onto the blog she and her two best girlfriends write? The only male not present in her life anymore is Mitch Hayes. Finlay’s still not sure what she thinks about the fact that her live-in boyfriend of three years took a job in Mitchell, South Dakota, and wasted no time in telling her goodbye and hitting the road. Maybe she didn’t love him, but she’s still a bit bruised from the dump and run. When Finlay’s girlfriend—the one who works in a cosmetics company—suggests a contest for the blog, one that involves marketing a new lip product as well as giving Mitch Hayes the kiss-off, Finlay can’t say no fast or loud enough. Who wants to be involved in a kissing contest when the rules clearly state she has to kiss anyone and everyone within reason for thirty days? Pressed into participation—amazing what girlfriends can talk a girl into, especially when there’s a little wine involved—Finlay eventually finds that recording, rating, and blogging about the kisses she receives takes the intimacy out of the equation and makes it seem a bit more bearable. Except for one teeny, tiny little problem. Cooper Jacobs. Finlay’s not crazy about the salesman of the month. Oh, he’s easy on the eyes, no question about it. But he’s certainly not boyfriend material, so why bother ever kissing him? But what happens when Cooper decides he definitely wants in on the action? The Kiss-Off might be the perfect opportunity to finally make Finlay notice him, but can he convince her that he’s not the bad guy she believes him to be?

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