The Keeping by Rochelle Ransom

Autographed by Rochelle!

Sierra Hart wakes up alone in a strange room and finds a cryptic note from an unseen captor. A suspicious group of friends and family members share what they know about Sierra in alternating chapters. There Sierra dad, a gambling addict with a criminal record; her mom, a loving but lonely doctor; and her ex-boyfriend, Dave, who hopes to win her back from his rival, Gavin, who recently transferred to her school. FBI agents don't have much physical evidence, so they interrogate members of Sierra inner and outer circles in search of a motive. Their suspects are complex and very human characters. Meanwhile, Sierra herself updates her journal from her holding cell to pass the time. As she re-examines her relationships, Sierra wavers between her desire to trust others and her need to protect herself. This riveting novel shows that there more to Sierra seemingly idyllic teenage life than track meets, pool parties, and gossiping on the phone with her best friend and when all is revealed, her reaction to her kidnapper is the biggest surprise of all.

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294 Pages

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