The Hope Chest: Anthology by Multiple Authors (Mass Market)

Autographed by Julie!

Anthology by - Jacquie D'Alessandro

Julie Kenner

Susan Kearney


The reclusive Maxwell Wolford, Earl of Dorsey, acquires the box - only to discover that the beautiful Lady Amanda Pratt holds the key to its secrets - and his heart...


Martina Chamberlain's boyfriend, Ryan Kinsey, is convinced the unusual box in her possession contains the secret to his research at NASA. But what Tina needs to discover is if Ryan truly wants her - or the box only she can unseal...


During her studies, scientist Sara Tolliver accidentally triggers a time machine, bringing a man named Kendar back from the future... a future where women no longer exist. Little do they guess that their only hope of being together lies in Sara's old heirloom chest. As does the future of love itself...

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400 Pages


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