The Flip Side, #3 by Leia Madison

Autographed by Leia!

Born to a prom-queen-turned-heroin-dealer who turned tricks for her next high but smoked more than she dealt. Living with a monster who beat her mom if the tricks weren't turned. Listening to the fights when the drugs ran out and knowing she would be covering her bruises for school the next day. The only shelter that came from this tormented hell storm was her grandmother.

Jessalyn Rumley has lived a life most people would say is too farfetched to be true. From the stares and whispers of strangers as a child, to holding her own as an adult, she can attest it all true.

Nightmares were real for her as a child, and they still haunt her as a young adult, but this time she has the control to keep them at bay.

Sometimes, when you have nothing left to lose, you'll find the best way to change is on the flipside.

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185 Pages - New Adult Romance

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