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The Fixer by Terry L Harris

Autographed by Terry!

Can a person see everything before them but be blind to everything around them? The bonus for Jon and his sister from another mister, and her brother from another mother, both are blessed with perspicacious instincts and visualization adeptness. Jon, with his unique team, hires his abilities out to fortune 500 Companies who have found their way to the bottom and cannot figure out why. Challenging jobs, until the daunting task of turning around a small college football team is thrust at him. He calls upon his sister to join him as a consultant. Are two Instinctual minds actually better than one? Jon persuades a diverse group of exceptional people to take this roller coaster ride with him. Nothing eludes Jon ... Except ... An alchemist of human personalities and unlikely alliances, Jon makes his living making a difference. As "The Fixer," Jon is a story of legacy, hope, redemption and change. Open the door to his world where high tech takes a country back road to victory !!

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356 Pages - Not Romance / Fiction

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