The Fighter, #2 by Kira Adams

Autographed by Kira!

Sophie Smith is a young married business professional on the rise at Stuart Healthcare Solutions. She works hard to ensure she makes a name for herself and takes care of her young family. She truly loves her husband Forrest and adores her 2 young children. She and Forrest may not have a conventional kind of love but she is happy in the bubble they've created their life in. It is not until she meets Christos Papas that she begins to question the love she has for her husband. Christos, an extremely successful heath care consultant, is blindsided when he comes in contact with Sophie. It is the first time in his life that his feelings for a woman get the best of him. The only things standing in his way of acting on his feelings are Sophie's marriage and family. The connection between the two is electric, creating both sexual and emotional tension both he and Sophie can not back away from. Will he make the decision to jeopardize Sophie's marriage? Can he be the one to ruin a family? Or will he make the decision to walk away from Sophie and his feelings.

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256 Pages

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