The Favor by Elle Luckett

Autographed by Elle!

Kit has an adventurous sex life, which is exactly what leads her to the feet of her current Mistress. It's only when she's loaned out to an old friend that everything Kit thought she knew is suddenly thrown into turmoil. Eager to please, she is happy to follow through with the wishes of her Mistress, until she meets the source of the request. Jared comes as a surprise, filled with unexpected anger and resentment, he's unsure why Kit is even present in his family home, and he's not at all welcoming to the idea of using her for his own pleasure. Jared's frosty reception should make Kit's job easier to walk away from, but that cold, hard side of him doesn't last forever, and despite her thinking she knows who she is, neither does Kit's resistance. No one counted on them growing attached. It was always meant to be a simple, little favor.

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300 Pages - Romantic Erotica / BDSM

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