The Enforcer, #1 by Dawne Walters & Benjamin McKee

Autographed by Dawne & Benjamin!

The Enforcer's job was to protect the family and it's assets at all costs.

That is the life Kane MacGeoghegan leads. He is the Enforcer fr Callum Daly, Bonston's largest Irish mob boss. Growing up in Dublin, learning how to use his fists, knives and weapons, Kane comes to Boston to work for Callum.

Bronwyn Flannigan, Callum's niece is the only weak spot that Kane has. Outwardly, he doesn't show it, but inside, she'd got him twisted.

Brought into the family through violence, Wyn wants nothing to do with the family or its dealings. But growing up under the protection of the family, now a lawyer, she defends the family when they need her to.

The tension between them, you can cut with a knife.
The attraction between them is palpable.
The passion between them is undeniable.

They want each other, but Wyn doesn't want the life he leads.
He can't let go, not even for her.

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312 Pages

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