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The Delivery by Mara White

Autographed by Mara!

Lana Finch is a twenty-five-year-old social worker. She believes wholeheartedly in saving the world one broken kid at a time. Lana is headstrong, she righteous and she'll let nothing stand in her way. Except for maybe her entire family that financially dependent on her. Enter Mozey Cruz, the eighteen-year-old juvenile delinquent assigned to her charge. He an illusive artist, he misunderstood, and he a natural born troublemaker. Their love is illegal, much like Mozey undocumented status in the States. So Lana lets him go even though it might be the worst mistake she'll ever make. But destiny has a way of catching up with us even when we run from it.

Los Angeles ----> Detroit ---> Tijuana ---> Mexico City

But first, Lana has to find him before she can deliver him.

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300 Pages - New Adult Romance

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