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The Daisy Field by Amy Sutton

Autographed by Amy!

A lonely old woman, Lily, watches a foster child tend a small urban flower garden outside her window at a senior care facility that is across the street from Chicago's poverty-stricken Cabrini-Green projects. The talented and affable boy, Presley, is devoted to his daisies. When Lily reaches out to him, the two become fast friends. She helps him navigate his far-from-nurturing foster family life by securing a job for him at her facility. Presley is an increasingly valuable addition to the elder community, adored by the staff and the residents. But the criminal element in the projects is difficult for the boy to avoid. Violence ensues and the continued threats to Presley are real, but so is the love of his new extended family of elders and friends who unite to rescue him from escalating danger and tragic circumstances. In "The Daisy Field," Amy Sutton illustrates the power of a loving family to make miracles possible, akin to the blossoming of a field of daisies when given the proper care.

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251 pages - Not Romance / Family Fiction

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