The Cracks Between Us by Caitlin Moss

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It was intoxicating. Thrilling. It was so unlike her. Aila was always a good wife. Never reckless. Always faithful. Until she wasn’t.

Aila Sorenson doesn’t know what happened to her marriage. She actively participated in building the life she and her husband, Ben, created but she no longer recognizes herself when she remembers the role she dreamt up fifteen years ago.

While Ben has been building a successful career as an attorney in Seattle, Aila has remained in the shadows taking care of their home and tending to their children while struggling to find a balance between the monotony and the chaos. They appear to be shining pillars of marital perfection—attending church on Sundays, volunteering, and surpassing every expectation society has of them—but deep down, Aila knows their marriage is crumbling. She often wonders if Ben even realizes it.

When Aila unexpectedly runs into someone from her past, the illusion she and Ben created begins to shatter. While many merely wonder about the road not taken, Aila runs down it full-speed. After months of authentic and insatiable passion, Aila rivals her devotion against her desires and must decide which one is worth fighting for.

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339 Pages - Contemporary Romance / Mother & Children Fiction

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