The Bearly Ruluctant Grizzly, #4 by Jenika Snow

Autographed by Jenika!

Uprooting my life, buying a cabin that was all but falling apart, and moving to the middle of the woods might not have sounded like the best idea, but to me it was almost perfection.I guess that’s the perks of being an author … packing up and moving to anywhere in the world, because as long as I had a laptop, I was good to go.What I didn’t expect during this new start was the man I’d hired to renovate my place—Asher, the bear shifting carpenter. He had me feeling things I’d never experienced before; things that excited, but scared, me.Lust, desire, and all kinds of filth a girl like me probably shouldn’t be thinking about a man I didn’t even know, played on repeat in my head.But there was more than just arousal where Asher was concerned. I knew it in my heart.Here I was, in my twenties, never been with a man in any way, and all I could think about were these obscene things that made a certified virgin like me blush.And when Asher showed up on my doorstep during a storm, soaking wet, looking feral, telling me he’d tried to stay away but couldn’t, I knew one thing for certain. These weren’t just idle feelings I was having.This was what it felt like to be mated.

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