The Art of Us by Hilaria Alexander

Autographed by Hilaria!

(This book is recommended for 18+)

I should have known that kissing the new guy would be nothing but trouble.
Of course, it doesn't help that I'm terrible when it comes to relationships. In fact, avoiding men is what I would call my forte. In my personal experience, they're good for one thing only, and love isn't it. These days, working as a comic book artist - my lifelong dream - is the only thing that keeps me happy.
That is, until I remember about my handsome co-worker Amos St. Clair and the kiss we shared once, before I pushed him away like the coward that I am.
Just as I find out that there's no way for us to be together, fate keeps bringing us closer, offering us both the work opportunity of a lifetime - in Tokyo, Japan, a place that harbors many memories, good and bad.
How can I avoid falling in love with Amos when we're supposed to work side by side every day? How can I guard my heart when he's all I never dared dreaming of?

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350 Pages - Multicultural Romance


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