The Album, #1 by Ashley Pullo

Autographed by Ashley!

Merging humor and witty dialogue with life’s authentic moments, the album is a narrative compilation of five friends living out their dreams in New York City. Over donuts in a Toronto Tim Horton’s, cousins Chloe and Natalie LeGrange make a promise to move to New York City after college. Once they settle into their cozy TriBeCa neighborhood, their teenaged-illusions are overshadowed by gritty realizations. With Chloe waitressing and holding out for her big musical break—and Natalie trying to make a name for herself in public relations—their happiness requires patience. Enter Zach Parker, the smooth-talking goofball faced with life-altering choices. Adam Ford, the pensive attorney waiting for a surprising revelation. And Chris Brooks, the charming Texan with perpetual bad timing. Unexpected encounters and brushes with fate construct a web of stories about the journey of love and discovery—but will this group ever find harmony in the reality? Five friends. Eighteen years. ONE EPIC SOUNDTRACK.

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